Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Where's my Mercedes Benz?

Janis Joplin utterly demolishes the Prosperity Gospel as taught by scam artists Oral Roberts and Kenneth Hagin to their gullible followers -- 40 years ago! Turns out that the Lord doesn't send a Mercedes Benz -- or a color TV, even -- to the faithful just 'cause they pray (or send bucks to Moral Oral or Kenny the Haggler). Duh. Imaginary critters don't do a lot of purchasing of consumer items, just sayin', yo!

BTW, "Dialing for Dollars" was a staple of my youth too. Just another thing I have in common with Janis Joplin...

-- Badtux the Music Penguin


  1. She didn't get a Benz, but she had a bathtub Porsche. It's in the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame. And there is a replica in a museum in Port Arthur, TX.

  2. But the Lord didn't buy her a bathtub Porsche. She did. This song is about televangelist Moral Oral (Roberts), who was part of the culture of that area (East Texas), who preached that if you'd send him all your money, then God would shower riches upon you. Doesn't work that way.

    -- Badtux the Pointed Penguin


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