Thursday, May 20, 2010

Before the day job

In 1992 Justine Frischmann and her friend Justin Welch decided to form a band. After being threatened with lawsuits for a name similar to some other band, they settled on the name "Elastica" for their band.

They basically made one album, Elastica, and one song off of that album, this one, "Connection", got some air time on the "modern rock" radio stations in the US, enough that the band toured Lollapalooza and the album was eventually certified gold. At which point all legal hell broke loose -- the band was sued, the label was sued, everybody and their dog was saying that Elastica had stolen some of their riffs or melodies and suing for the bajillions of dollars that they were sure Elastica were getting, bajillions of dollars which of course the record label suits had stolen long before Elastica saw a dime of it.

So that was basically it. The band made a half-hearted attempt at a second album, but it never really gelled. None of the members were fanatical enough to stick with music after this experience with the music biz. Justine now is an artist who lives with her husband, a professor at U.C. Davis. The bassist is now a preacher. And so on and so forth. Just another bunch of music talent sucked dry and the husk spat out by the biz, that's all...

-- Badtux the Reminiscing Music Penguin

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