Friday, May 14, 2010

Color me unimpressed

Self-entitled bitch claims she shouldn't have to pay $640 fine for blocking a handicapped parking spot.

Color me unsympathetic. The woman blocked the wheelchair zone so that people in wheelchair vans could not deploy their wheelchair lifts, and now she's going to whine moan groan and complain? I have friends who lost legs serving in the military in this country's wars who are reliant on having the ability to use the wheelchair lift on the side of their vans, and they're itching to have their M-16 back to deal with self-entitled jerks like this woman. She better be lucky that a cop, rather than one of these veterans, found her blocking the wheelchair lift zone, or she'd be missing a lot more than $640, she'd be lucky to have a car left 'cause they don't play.

Bitch needs to get a fucking clue, that's what she needs. I wish the judge had the power to have his bailiff shoot her knee off right there in the courthouse so that she could legitimately use the handicapped spots and realize that, yo, it ain't there for fat self-indulgent assholes. Thankfully the only power the judge has is to laugh her ridiculous ass out of the courthouse and whang her with court fees, nevermind that the stupid bint already hired a lawyer and she's going to have to pay his ass too. And all she had to do was behave like a civilized human being and avoid parking in the handicapped zone... you'd think this fine would be, like, getting slapped over the head by a Clue Stick(tm), but alas, some folks just are too fucking stupid to ever get a Clue(tm)...

-- Badtux the Unsympthetic Penguin


  1. Thank you. Keeping handicapped parking spaces clear indeed assists our disabled veterans, but in addition, ordinary wheelchair-bound cripples like me are also grateful if we can park in a space from which we can actually successfully debark our vehicles.

    Blocking handicapped parking is more than just rude: it is seriously unkind to people who never did anything to you. Folks, please just don't do it.

    [CAPTCHA text: 'submint' (v.t.) to submit to the gubmint?]

  2. She's special don't ya see there. I've dealt with many of the special ones and they all make me want to upchuck!

  3. Tux,don't you know that punishing that woman for parking in a space that no handicapper needed anyway was part of the "assault on the Bill of Rights" and another example of greedy, tyrannical government employees trying to guarantee their paychecks? So sez somebody named "Aubrey Farmer" whose comment came afeer yours was written:

    How about letting the punishment fit the crime. Who did she harm? When I read these comments the brainwashing is evident. Was anyone in a wheelchair trying to use the space? I guess if there had been 15 vacant handicap spaces available and she blocked one some of you would still want her horsewhipped. Everybody just keep sitting on your apathetic butts and sooner or later the state will become so oppressive that you won't believe what you are seeing. By then it will be much more difficult to turn things around. Our local cops are being militarized. Why? Are we any more of a threat today than we were last year? No. Have the authorities become much more aggressive and militaristic? Yes. Why? I guarantee the assault on our Bill of Rights will continue unabated. It isn't about money so much as it is about control. Since the beginning of recorded history someone is always trying to tell everyone else how to live. Washington is cramming stuff down our throats and this attitude is trickling down to state and municipal governments. It is not about public service but protecting a paycheck.

    However heinous the act, there's always some asshole willing to defend it. Usually on Glibertaian grounds...

  4. i hope the judge doubles the fine. i remember when my father had to walk much further than he needed when someone parked in the handicapped spot. he fell and broke his leg

  5. "I guess if there had been 15 vacant handicap spaces available and she blocked one some of you would still want her horsewhipped." - AF

    Yes, that will do nicely, thank you.

    - Steve Bates the wheelchair-bound Yellow Doggerelist.

    Aside: the local Super Target store has about 15 handicapped spaces and during the business day, it is challenging to find one vacant. And every car in every space has either plates or a hang-tag. My grandmother used to say of people like that woman, "Yeah, she's crippled... crippled up with laziness." At the very least, the judge should double the woman's fine and sentence her to some community service doing something that helps disabled people.


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