Sunday, May 16, 2010


The band is called Pendulum, the song is called "Granite", and the genre is... erm... electronic punk metal rock? Heck if I know!

-- Badtux the Music Penguin


  1. Damn. Nice riff, actual melody, good arrangement with some subtle variations, a vocalist who's actually a singer ... good stuff.

    And what's that guitar-shaped sorta-keyboardish thingy? And do you just find bands like this by chance while surfing YouTube, or do you have a system? Because you sure dig up some appealing music from there.

  2. Midi guitar. Doesnt make noise itself but drives a midi based synth.

    Does cool slides and other electronica
    style riffs.


  3. Yes, like Eck said, it's a midi guitar. Just a different way of triggering notes and modifying them as compared to the more typical keyboard controller.

    As for my "system", it consists of a) looking at what YouTube recommends that I view based on my previous viewing, b) I was listening to the band on my iPod and thought, "it's time I program them on my blog", c) I was Googling one of my favorite bands to see where they were playing, and came up with a music review of some *other* band that the reviewer felt was similar to one of my favorite bands, d) from music blogs that I read in order to discover new and interesting music. And e) I just stumble upon them LOL! In short, it's not a "system" as such, just whatever happens to be floating my boat at the time...

    -Badtux the Music Penguin

  4. They're plenty fucking noisy, I only listened for 30 seconds.


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