Monday, May 31, 2010

Fat kittehs

T-4 days before the move...

All boxes are either packed or started (clearly the ones I'm living out of are still open and in flux). I've started disassembling furniture, the dining room table lost its legs today (my dining room table is now the patio table off the patio, since its legs simply pull off rather than unscrew), tomorrow the bed loses its frame and the dresser loses its mirror.

The cats have been surprisingly mellow since I took them off their diet. They go right to sleep after eating, so if I keep a plentiful supply of kibble around, they sleep rather than pester me. Hmm... do they have me trained, or what?

Friday, Saturday, and Sunday I won't be posting. I'll try to keep up with email using my iPhone, but my Internet connection is going to be in flux. My usual stream of music videos will, however, appear -- they're spooled up until nearly the end of June at the moment.

-- Badtux the Moving Penguin


  1. Moving kittehs across town is like playing with a string compared to flying them from one side of the Pacific to another. Then doing it again four years later. Oh, the stories Mrs. Bukko could tell! (She did the paperwork.) But it's your blog, so I will spare everyone the tedious details.

  2. Back during the Bushevik Regime I looked at what it would take to get the boys across the Canuckistan border if things got too hot down here. It wasn't *too* bad, as long as you had a certificate of health from your vet and got the appropriate permits... but I imagine flying them across the Pacific is quite a bit of airline hassle compared to just driving them across the border.

    I will say that the kittehs are one of the big reasons I stayed in the States during the Bushevik years. Moving to Canada would be a huge cut in my pay, meaning I'd be relegated to bottom basement housing... which typically does not accept cats. I don't personally care too much about my own personal comfort, I have lived in minimal conditions (i.e. a room in a house with shared facilities and whatever I could fit into that one room) a few times in my life, but the kittehs deserve better, and that better was here in the States.

    -Badtux the Kitty-stabilized Penguin

  3. A few years ago when one of ours had a deteriorating bones condition in one arm, we got rid of the bed frame so getting up and down wasn't so hard (the arm was later amputated.)

    So, uh, yeah, something to think about. Never put the frame back on. You never know when you might be torturing a cat unawares. Or you can never be too careful, and stuff.

    So. everyone got a smile on their face?

  4. You might want to delete this one.

    So - what kept you in the States was not the life-style.

    It was the pussy.


  5. ROFL! Snarkalicious, JB :).

    - Badtux the Amused Penguin


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