Saturday, May 08, 2010

More on "anti-gay" activists

There’s only one kind of person who obsesses about gay sex day and night, year after year. You can see a lot of them at this particular parade. Well, and look at a lineup of conservative "anti-gay" Republicans, same deal.

Let’s face it, normal straight people, if you describe a gay sexual act to them, might briefly shudder and say “ooh, squick!”, but they don’t obsess over gay sex day and night, nosirree, they go home and forget about it after an hour or two! But James Dobson, yessiree... all that stuff in his books about applying the paternal hands to the fine, firm young buttocks of young children, oh such firm round young buttocks, oh, oh, oh, oh.... err. Sorry. It's just soooo sexual, what the right Rev. Dobson suggests doing to "discipline" your children, much like the ads at the back of the New Times for those mistresses of discipline, ooooh. Discipline me, mistress, discipline me! Err, sorry, got off track again. Why is it that every time these tighty righties open their mouths about sex, I get these images in my mind? Back to James Dobson. Oooh boy. Dude has more kinks than the whole San Francisco Pride parade combined. What do you bet he's going to be the next dude found with his very own rent boy?!

Finally I leave you with the words of a former cop:

Dobson knows entirely too much about weird sex for me to want to be in the same elevator with him. The whole crowd is bunch of perverts. Normal people, AC or DC, don’t get that involved with studying the fringe of sexual practices. These people have a sick obsession and should be on the watch list. I wouldn’t let any of them walk my dog, much less babysit.
Because, presumably, the dog would be walking bow-legged if you let one of these dudes walk your dog... nevermind what happens if you let one of'em babysit your kid ;).

- Badtux the Snarky Penguin

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  1. Glad you posted about this creep. This guy is such a sick bastard. With this guy I am reminded of that old saying...Sir though dust protest to much... (not sure the spelling).
    What a dark sinister place his mind plots in.


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