Sunday, May 30, 2010

The Stalking of the Penguin

Mommy! Make him stop following me!

The Mighty Fang was laying on his back, paws askew, glaring at me, so I grabbed my camera. At which point he jumped up and started coming after me. Eeek!

Luckily all that happened is that once he got me cornered into my desk chair, he jumped onto my lap and started rubbing against me while purring. Phew!

-- Badtux the Stalked Penguin


  1. Good that the kitty just wanted to be friendly. You never can tell!

    My cats like to do the same thing. I can't get good pictures because they get too close!

  2. Poor TMF is wondering, "why is he moving away from me? And what's with the camera? I just want a cuddle!"

  3. OWL, indeed! This could have been the day that TMF decided to see what penguin tastes like! Luckily all he wanted was some lap time, phew!

    Minverva, the problem with that theory of yours is that he didn't start stalking me until *after* I picked up the camera. Until then, he was happy just laying on his back, paws akimber, glaring at me while airing out his fat tummy-tum-tum. Luckily once he caught me he settled for the cuddle, phew!

    - Badtux the Stalked Penguin

  4. OT for this post, but I wonder whether you've seen this amusing and educational YouTube animation? I thought of you when I saw the Linux penguin (it comes in toward the end) but it also touches upon economics theory (I think you're big on that, eh?) and the human nature motivations for creativity. You're a "creative" ain'tcha, Tux? It's re-posted from a friend's blog in Australia, a guy who's a Deadhead but also plays in a punk band.

    As far as the original post, think of how anxious the kittehs are. They see things being packed up and moved around. Cats are spatial animals, with those whiskers that let them move around the objects like couches they've memorized the positions of, even in the dark. And now it's all being scrambled. Like an earthquake in the cat-o-sphere.

  5. Ha ha! The stalking beast. I have similar problems with our five critters hounding me for chow night and day.

  6. Penguins are whale food, hahahaha


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