Monday, January 18, 2010

World's most dangerous job

Apparently the world's most dangerous job is #2 leader of al-Qaeda. At least, every other day you hear about the #2 guy in al Qaeda getting whacked, this time in Yemen. You'd think, like, there'd be as hortage of people willing to be promoted into that spot. But noooo, apparently not.

Well, either that, or somebody is lying desperately. Your call.

-- Badtux the Snarky Penguin


  1. I heard the word "desperate" just today, in the context of the Taliban offensives in Kabul today.

    Al Qaeda has always had a lot of #2's. I think we took out several hundreds during the Bush administration.


  2. Yeah, funny how many #2's al Qaeda has. I'm beginning to think al Qaeda has a very flat organizational structure -- there's Osama bin Forgotten up there at the top, then everybody else is #2 ;).

    Haven't commented on the Taliban offenses in Kabul today because there's no comment needed. A "nation" that cannot even control its capital city is not much of a nation, and if Iraq is our model, there's no military victory in sight, only perpetual quagmire. The only solution that would work would be to make a deal with the Taliban (well, an organization that has the SAME PEOPLE as the Taliban but a different name and "corporate charter", we can't negotiate with terrorists, after all ;) to give them a significant say in the goverment (i.e., co-opt them) much as happened in Iraq with the "Sunni Awakening Council" that had the SAME PEOPLE that were bombing us as "Al Qaeda in Iraq", but weren't that group, wink wink.

    I await that moment with baited breath. (Yes, baited, not bated -- herring. Yum. ERRRP!). I expect it to happen around November of this year, after the mid-term elections, just in time for the Preznit to start ramping up his own re-election campaign for 2012.

    - Badtux the War Penguin

  3. Might have the second worst job here:
    just got done reading it.


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