Friday, January 15, 2010

Revolution? Yeah right

So you want a revolution, you say? You say that the inevitable result of these asswipes on Wall Street looting and plundering the nation while millions of Americans are homeless and hungry is going to be these asswipes hanging from the nearest lamp-post? I got three words for you, compadre: Bull fucking shit.

Yeah, you got a lot of genuine rage out there, embodied by the so-called "tea party" movement. But somehow I doubt that a movement dominated by oldsters waving signs around saying "tea bagging for change!" (frisky granny, that!) while chanting “keep your government hands off my Medicare!” has the intellectual heft to connect the dots that we connect about who's to blame for their plight. One thing is clear: “Let them eat cake” is not a viable solution. But my fear is that the solution that the majority arrive at will be the same as the majority arrived at in much of the world as the Great Depression settled in — dictatorship by a “Strong Man” who promises to save them. That rarely turns out well, the streets typically run with blood afterwards, and the villains who created the Great Depression through their greed and stupidity were rarely the ones lined up against the wall, rather, labor unionists, Jews, socialists, etc. were the typical victims, none of whom had any hand in the collapse of the banking system that was the primary cause of the Depression (liquidity trap, y’know).

Reminds me of an old music joke: Q: How can you tell the drum riser is level? A: The drummer is drooling equally out of both sides of his mouth. Replace the word "drummer" with "teabagger", heh. So anyhow, these are the folks who are gonna storm the mansions of Wall Street moguls and pull them all out and string'em up from the nearest lamp post by their neck-ties? I don't think so, mah friend... these folks are so dumb they can't even *find* those friggin' mansions, much less figure out what to do once they get there!

So anyhow, that's my bet on the future of Amurka if we *do* have the "revolution" that some loons are advocating: Strong-man rule by a fascist dictator who promises to put to death all them Messicans, Negros, and soshalists that is bringin' our nation down and bring our nation back to its rightful place in the world glory hallelujah Ayeeee-men! That's the only kind of revolution I see in America's future. And the tea baggers will just run to be the stormtroopers for this asswipe, whoever he turns out to be. Face facts: The average American is dumber than a stump and as easily led to safety by a fascist asswipe as a dog is led on a leash. There just ain't "there" there, insofar as revolutionary capability is concerned.

-- Badtux the Unrevolutionary Penguin


  1. Stupidity? I'll give you stupidity. In one Gallup poll, less than half the nation said they believe in evolution.

    At one point, nearly half the country thought that Saddam Hussein was involved in plotting the 9/11 attacks.

    To paraphrase "The Terminator"...

    "Listen, and understand. That Teabagger is out there. It can't be bargained with. It can't be reasoned with. It doesn't think, grasp facts, or understand logic. And it absolutely will not stop, ever, until it is dead."

  2. Excuse me. Don't these people (those who can read) worship at the altar of Ayn Rand? Isn't it a basic precept that the rich are the SOURCE of all wealth? Just how are they gonna work this program? 'No rich people and No big government? Quite a campaign!

    I noticed months ago that the teabaggers are allied with a splinter group who advocates that the founding fathers NEVER intended to stifle a Christian theocracy. That seems to be the only greoup they arent against. Shades of Nehemia Scudder.

  3. You're right on. A lot of sound and fury, signifying nothing.
    BTW, thanks for getting me back on the 'roll.

  4. Is that a fresh stump or an old one. The old stumps have always been dumb. The problem is that there are far too many new stumps being made and they're just as stupid as the old stumps. The new stumps will grow old and remain just as dumb or dumber throughout because none of them are smart enough to realize they have to "change" for things to get better.

  5. Now be nice, Badtux, I am only contributing to and supporting the new left. May cost me money, yeah, I contribute to the the extreme right or left or right but your support of the oligarch's parties leaves me cold.
    If you think Obama and his policies are acceptable, fine. With me he should be cleaning out the johns in Gitmo.

    Guess what, liberalism is dead. It is only the right wing oligarchs party against the left wing oligarch's party.

    You want to stir things up, support only the non oligarchs party people. Right wrong or indifferent the peoples parties is the
    only party worh supporting, right wing left wing. I will only support the people who support the constitution. Then only when the catholic majority of the supreme joke is totally destroyed.

    Yes, I know this is a minor matter to you sick little imbeciles that don't understand that a Pope deciding the laws is at best a joke. Right now, the 6 catholics on the Supreme Joke are deciding whether corporations can buy politicians is legal. That is not the question or the decission. The true question is shall the catholic church rule the United States through their decisions.

    Strangely enough, six catholics on the Supereme Joke, that are totally committed to the guy in a $5000 dress and Prada shoes should have any freaking say in the US political system is obscene. Yes,
    Badtux you missed malfunction in the system. The catholics now own the Supreme Joke 6 to 9.

  6. Wow, so much suck in one stupid comment.

    1. I am not, and never have been, an Obama supporter as such. As I've repeatedly pointed out, Obama is not a liberal, and never has been, and people operating on the delusion that Obama was a liberal never listened to his speeches or read his policy papers on his campaign web site. He's a middle-of-the-road moderate conservative.

    2. Your religious bigotry against Catholics is hereby noted. You forgot the worshiping statues bit though. And eating babies. You have to say that Catholics eat babies, or you just aren't doing that anti-Catholic bigotry right.

    3. Any first-past-the-goalposts elections system mathematically devolves to a two-party system where each party is a coalition of what, in a proportionate representation system, would be smaller parties. That is because a two-party system is the only system guaranteed to produce 50%+1 votes for one of the coalitions. The goal has to be to become the ranking member of one of the two coalitions, and right now, given that the Rethugs have been taken over by goons and Christianists, that means the Democratic Party is "it". Attempting to run as a third party runs into the math -- the coalitions will always be able to scrape up more votes than any component of the coalition could scrape up on its own. Only the Whig party utterly self-destructing allowed the Republican Party to arise, and the math has made sure that nothing of the sort has ever happened since.

    Oh wait, I forgot. Math is hard. Alrighty, then!

    - Badtux the Snarky Penguin

  7. BT - One thing about progressives angry at President Obama for not being liberal enough. I often get the impression that they decided that since Obama is black, he must be far-left DESPITE what he said on the campaign trail. Which makes these progressives guilty of their own brand of racism which gives rise to it's own brand of rage. But these progressives need to be pissed at themselves - not Obama - when his politics have not been inconsistent with his rhetoric.

    As you pointed out, the math is lost on these people. If you create a populist splinter movement to the left of Obama you set the stage for whover runs in 2012 (Palin) to walk into the Oval Office. Obama's policies have plenty of faults, but one does not treat an ingrown toenail with an amputation at the knee.

    If one will take the long view, Obama has the country going in the right direction, (compared to Bush). If not far enough or fast enough, that's due in large part to the Congress he is stuck with. Getting to where we want to go will take many election cycles and will be manifest in a single candidate.

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  9. Personal insults and stupidity deleted. The penguin is the only one allowed to be an ass here. Read the rules, Anonymous Coward.

  10. Is this post to represent a change of mind from your "Healthcare Deform" post on 12/29/2009? In any case, when it comes to revolution, I just do not think the will is actually there to stage the sort of revolution that we would really need to put things back on track. As you said, the teabaggers would run to lick the nearest boot or kiss the nearest ass of any authoritarian right wing douchebag that might crop up now or in the near future. What remains of the sane in the US will either hunker down in an attempt to grin and bear the oppression that would soon follow and the few that would actually raise their voices in anger will suddenly find themselves drowned out by the sheer virulent outrage that nutjobs like Rush Limbaugh and Glenn Beck spew out on daily basis. The newspapers, media television channels, radio shows and other media outlets will fall all over themselves to fan these flames of visceral hatred and venom as it steamrolls any coverage of dissent or disagreement that might try to counter it.

    Hell, the "America" envisioned by the mafia of theocrats and tighty-righties is well on its way to becoming realized. The Democratic party is ailing with DINO parasites and it gets more of them with every election whether it wins or loses. In the event of a lost election, its case of republicanitis will get even worse. In any case, you can bet that if the teabaggers get their way (and it looks like they eventually will) they will do their best to make their self-proclaimed "God's Country" hell on earth.

    Hmmm, that was cathartic. I know that I should step back and put on a happy face, but there are just some topics that I cannot do that with. I really hope that I am wrong, I really do.

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