Monday, January 11, 2010

Taliban has woodies

Nearly-undetectable wooden IED's, that is. They can't be detected by metal detectors because, duh, they have no metal.

Chank one up for the Theory of Evolution. The Theory of Evolution hypothesizes that natural selection -- the survival of the fittest -- will naturally improve the adaptation of a species for its environment. In Afghanistan, stupid people die, the smartest and fittest and most vicious people live. So we're breeding super-Taliban, just as we bred super-bugs with antibiotics earlier in this decade. They're getting smarter and smarter because the dumbest ones end up dead, leaving only smarter and smarter ones to come up with ways to bedevil the occupying force.

We declared victory in Iraq and (largely) went home. Time to do the same in Afghanistan, methinks...

-- Badtux the Evolutionary Penguin


  1. You/I/we all know nothing good will/has come out of this so called war in Afghanistan.

    It seems we will never get our way in respect to what is right in our wars of aggression so far from our shores.

    Our leaders and congress love war-most of them anyway.

  2. Everything old is new again, Germans used wooden mines in WW2 - sort of surprising that this was not an issue sooner in the current conflicts


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