Thursday, January 21, 2010

Are any RWNJ's *not* kiddie fuckers?

For real. Right wing nut job and Tea Partier Charles Dyer, aka "July4Patriot," arrested for raping a kid.

Most right-wingers love to fuck kids over, but usually just figuratively, not *literally*. As in, cutting off children's health care, fostering policies that lead to child hunger, underfunding schools, so on and so forth. But, as David Neiwert points out, there's an inordinate number of RWNJ's who really *ARE* kiddie fuckers, literally. As he explains: "Evidently, being a pedophile leads to resentment of the government -- probably for its desire to lock you away."

And these are the leaders of the "Tea Party" movement? Good job of being classy buddying up to these kinda folks, Republicans!

-- Badtux the Snarky Penguin


  1. I think I'm going to be sick. That is disturbing.

  2. BT,

    Isn't there a famous piece of video about how many on the right have pedophilia and/or spouse-beating charges in their backgrounds?

    Someone sent it to me once but I couldn't imagine using it.

    Thanks for the heads-up on this guy.


  3. Like priests butt fuck alter boys?

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  5. Uhm, I specifically specified right wing NUT jobs, not right wingers as a whole. Learn to read, dude. I have not at any point in time ever stated that the majority of right-wingers are nuts. In fact, I believe the majority of right wingers are cretins, math illiterates who are gullible fools who believe whatever their ideological apparatus tells them is true rather than doing their own research to find out what actual reality is, but then, I believe that of the majority of the American population, whether left OR right. (If you read back to where I'm blasting the left for their demonizing of health insurance companies as the cause of high healthcare costs or blasting the doctrinarians who insist that single-payer is the *only* way to achieve universal health care and control costs, you'd know that).

    Ideology, in the end, is made-up stupidity. What we need is more *reality* in our body politic, as in, evaluation of the alternatives and selection of the ones that best fulfill the identified needs, not ideology that arbitrarily embraces or rejects some solutions just because they're ideologically incorrect even when every piece of data we have shows that it's the correct solution. When you arbitrarily reject solutions because they contradict your ideology, you end up with the wrong solution, 9 times out of 10. I won't allow my engineering department to be run that way -- no ideology allowed, we look at *all* solutions, even the ones that contradict the ideology of particular engineering team members (and yes, engineers DO have ideologies, e.g., the engineer who insists the proper solution for all problems is Java applets), and choose the best solution for solving the problem.

    If you believe I've been blasting the right wing particularly hard, well yeah. That's because they're the ones who've been pushing the most stupidity over the past two decades. Plausible yummy sounding stupidity like saying we can get all the benefits of good government (effective police forces, good roads, safe food and water, etc.) without paying for it, or that those things can just magically happen in some land where unicorns are real and cotton candy grows on trees, but stupidity all the same because reality simply doesn't work that way. If you're upset that I call a moron a moron and a dishonest jerk a dishonest jerk, well, you're reading the wrong blog, and the Redstate circle jerk is over thataway.

    -Badtux the Rude Penguin

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  7. That's easy enough. Meghan McCain, Karl Rove, Pat Buchanan, Justice John Roberts, Arnold Schwartzenneger... well crap, you want me to keep listing most of the prominent Republicans? These aren't nutjobs and I've never called them nutjobs. Evil, sometimes, but nutjobs, no. You want nutjobs, look at teabaggers screaming "Keep your government hands off my Medicare!", birthers screaming "A certificate of live birth is not a birth certificate!", conspiracy theorists screaming that Obama wants to steal their guns and impose Communism on America, and other such folks who have clearly left leave of any reality that you and I might recognize.

    As for you complaining about my tone, puhleeze. See that archive thingy on the left? Click on 2005, basically the start of this blog after the election of George W. Bush. Look down where I comment on President Bush complaining about a question he was asked, where I say Awwwe, so Preznit Cartman doesn't like it when the presstitutes ask hard questions. Poor widdle thing! Why, just listen to him whine about how we must respect his authoritah! "I have the authoritah!" he practically shouts at one presstitute. "You will respect my authoritah!", he shouts, stamping his little feet and glaring with his beady little eyes. Isn't that just so cute?! Are you truly stating that the tone of my comments about right-wing politicians has changed significantly since then?!

    - Badtux the Consistent Penguin


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