Thursday, January 14, 2010

Pat Robertson, douchebag

I’ve given up on commenting on Pat Robertson’s assholery. Every time he opens his piehole, you’re reminded of just how evil, venal, and stupid the man really is. It’s like throwing a pie at a barn that’s three feet in front of your face — there’s just no challenge in it, and it’s boring as hell after a while.

His recent comments blaming some supposed pact Haitians made with The Devil for the recent earthquake are just par for the course for this miserable excuse for a "man". You ask me, He ought to be airdropped into Haiti naked, with no ID or anything, and condemned to the same misery as those darkies he despises. ‘Nuff said!

- Badtux the Vicious Penguin


  1. Stolen from comments at Tom Smiths LJ site, since it says it much better than I could:

    "Of course what this really is, is some thinly veiled racism. He's saying that the only way the slaves of Haiti could have possibly kicked out their French masters is with a pact with the Devil. Implying that such a deed, one which was unique in the world and should be celebrated to some degree, was an act of evil. I read this and think that at some level, Robertson still wants the people of Haiti to be French slaves."

  2. His evil knows no bounds. Look up his support for the murderer Charles Taylor in Liberia. Why would he throw his support behind such an evil tyrant? Because he and his "church" have investments there, of course!

    The man is a piece of s***. Anybody who supports him is, likewise, a piece of s***. But hey, he was on the White House speed dial when George W. (who is, likewise, a piece of s***) was in office.

  3. Did you like Danny Glovers statement that the earthquakes were a result of the unsuccess of Copenhagen?

    Too bad HIS press was minimal, doubt, being the objective guy you'd have done a similar rant.

  4. Danny Glover is a moron.


    Actually, I didn't talk about Danny Glover's stupidity because that's sort of a given, as well as irrelevant. Pat Robertson has millions of viewers who follow his every word as God's truth. Danny Glover is an unemployed actor in Hollywood with no (zero) followers who follow his every word as God's truth. Different scenario altogether, and makes Pat Robertson an asshole on an entirely different scale from Danny Glover.

    - Badtux the assholery Penguin.


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