Sunday, January 17, 2010

A reminder about my blogrolls

They got zapped in the transition from the old blog to the new blog, so if you don't see your blog there it's not a conspiracy or anything, it probably just got overlooked during the transition. If you would like your blog in my blogroll, or if there's an econo-blog you know about that I should be reading, just drop me a line in email or as a comment here. Note that if you don't have a reciprocal link on your own blog I may or may not add it to one of my visible blogrolls, but if it's interesting it will go onto *some* blogroll...

-- Badtux the Metablogging Penguin


  1. Badtux, I am not sure if you would find my humble blog worthy of your praise and attention, but I kindly offer a link to it in case you want to add it to your blogroll. I have already added you two years ago.


    My blog mainly concerns itself with nuclear power and energy related politics and the occasional kerfluffle over religious nonsense. As technology advances so does the need for energy and renewables will only go so far. There was never really any reason to turn away from nuclear power as it is both a clean and cheap source of energy.

  2. I know you said it wasn't, but I'm pretty sure it's a conspiracy! :)


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