Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Don't Be Evil

Google re-considers its China strategy, reconsiders whether staying in China results in sufficient complicity with evil to outweigh any good that it does. I suppose it helps that Google isn't making much, if any, money in China due to its refusal to host servers in China and the resulting costs of hauling queries to the nearest data center in a free country -- it's always easier to Not Be Evil if you don't lose any money by doing so. Still, maybe more companies should think about whether Being Evil outweighs any potential profits they might make in China...

-- Badtux the Evil Penguin


  1. I wouldn't care if the whole internut thing went away. My life was better before all this bullshit anyway.

  2. So turn off your computer then. What, somebody's forcing you at gunpoint to use this here Internet thingy? Sheesh!

  3. Hi BadTux,
    It'll be interesting to see how how the Giggle/China thing plays out.
    Usually, any business will swim through shit for a buck, so I have to wonder if Google has some morals or maybe somebody in China pissed in Google's Wheaties.



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