Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Mr. President, you own this depression now

President HooverObama decides that the best solution for a deflationary cycle in spending and production is to... create further cuts in future spending. Thereby basically implementing the Republican economic program of George W. Bush, which, as we all know, worked so well in 2007-2008, and 1930-1933 for that matter.

Mr. President, you are the one who decided to embrace the economic policies of President George W. Bush, and from now on out you can no longer place the blame for this current economic economic crisis on the policies of the prior administration. If you embrace the prior administration's policies, it's yours now. From now on, we can call this the Obama Depression, because you just decided to own it. I hope you enjoy it, because the rest of us sure the fuck aren't.

Have fun with your one and only term of office as President, Mr. Obama. Because the rest of us aren't having a whole lot of fun at all, and you sure the fuck aren't helping us by deciding to channel the ghost of President Hoover.

- Badtux the Economics Penguin


  1. A double you betcha there BTux!

  2. I am TRYING to like Obama, I really am! When I voted for him as it seemed like he really was genuine in his rhetoric of "hope and change". Now it all feels so long ago.

    John Cole says that the progressives are throwing the baby out with the bathwater, but it does not seem like Obama's policies are getting us anything of value as he has apparently decided to continue to the previous administration's policies on spying as well as the suspension of Habeas Corpus, etc. Anything that is even remotely threatening to the Republican party of No, he instantly compromises on without so much of a hint of a fight or getting anything from them in return.

    I hate to resort to the "Obama is just like Bush" rhetoric, but I am starting to wonder how true this is. It almost seems like he is a more articulate version of our previous president. Is this because he has grown disillusioned by the refusal of the Opposition party to work with him on anything, or was he simply a RINO all along? I know that his voting record was that of a centrist while he was a senator but it seems as if he is even drifting into neo-con territory.

    Badtux, how do you keep yourself sane? If Obama continues along this course of action you can expect Palinocalypse in 2012. Fitting for the Mayan end of the world, no? (I made a funny!) I am finding it very difficult at the moment, myself.

  3. Sigh...
    All I really am asking for is a competent government. I'm not asking for a lot, but I haven't seen one in decades.
    And I don't see it getting better any time soon.

  4. BHO has already taken possession of Bush's wars. Why not the depression as well?

    BTW, the proper historical analogy is 1937, when FDR, who despite all the right wing hatred he worked so hard to earn and welcome, was an economic conservative, sought to balance the budget as the economy was turning around. Budget balancing was important to him. But sorry, Franklin, bad timing. The result was a deep economic decline in 1938, aka Great Depression, Chapter 2.

    I've said all along that Obama is not and has never been a liberal. I knew he was right of center, but this is fucking insane.

    Every new thing that happens makes things worse.

    We are so fucking god-damned fucking fucked.

  5. Neurovore, who said I'm sane? You do realize that you're talking to a tuxedo-clad bird, right?

    Py, thus far the Obama Administration appears competent to me. As spineless as a jellyfish, but competent. Thing is, being invertebrates, they keep flopping over and spinelessly implementing stupid Republican policies (but *competently* implementing those stupid policies) because they're scared that, well, I guess they're scared the Republicans will shout "BOOO!" at them or somethin'.

    Jazz, I was pointing out in January 2008 that Obama was not a liberal and that it was inexplicable that the Obamabots were hanging on to his every word as if he were the Great Liberal Hope. I was hoping he would at least be a competent Clintonian moderate once he got into office. I gave him the benefit of the doubt, unlike the screaming harpies over at FDL and SS and DKOS and so forth who immediately started slashing him with their whips as soon as he got into office, starting with the whole RIck Warren invocation thingy (which was utterly harmless and a WTF moment for me). But dammit, I can only give him the benefit of doubt for so long. He's had a year to at least PRETEND to be a leader. Instead, he's just kinda waffled along like the second coming of Bill Clinton, except with less spine (and remember, Gary Trudeau's symbol for Clinton was a waffle, so how spineless can you be if you're even more spineless than Bill Clinton?!). Clintonian triangulation might have worked somewhat during a time of peace and prosperity. But that was then, and this is now, and dammit, we need some LEADERSHIP here 'cause this ship of state is listing and the passengers are wondering where's the lifeboats. And Barry ain't givin' us none.

    - Badtux the Leaderless Penguin


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