Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Double-take headline of the day

"Dykes take over at Louisiana Tech."

I looked at that headline and was, like, "Wha? Militant lesbians took over a college campus?" I imagined out-of-control dykes with whips and leather standing on the college president's desk slashing him with their whips while shouting, "you WILL give more money to women's sports! You WILL provide a real women's studies program! You WILL provide contraceptives in the campus clinic!"

Then I clicked on the headline to see the actual story, and it was about... a football coach. BORE-ing!

-- Badtux the Bummed Penguin


  1. Which only goes to prove that lesbians are more interesting than football.

  2. Known a few, have you? Yeah, "interesting" tends to be a good descriptive term for most of the lesbians I've known :).

    - Badtux the Well-travelled Penguin

  3. Lesbians playing FIELD HOCKEY are way more interesting, and DANGEROUS, than football!


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