Wednesday, January 20, 2010

John Kerry lost

He ran a shoddy campaign, refused to go on the attack to take on the lunacy of his opponent in the general election, did not express any sort of coherent or consistent message other than "I'm not a Republican", was stiff and uncomfortable during the few times he interacted with actual voters, and apparently went through a sex change operation and changed his name to Martha Coakley in order to run for Teddy Kennedy's old Senate seat in Massachusetts. And lost. Of course.

-- Badtux the Snarky Penguin


  1. Having been born and raised in Massachusetts, nothing about Scott Brown's upset victory surprises me at all. I grew up in an area teeming with the kind of people who vote for folks like Brown, and they made a strong mark on me in the process. This is how we roll: we'll do as you say to the best of our ability, bitching about it the whole time, and even when we despise the fuck out of you, we will still go an extra mile or two to on your behalf to give you whatever you want. We'll quit on your ass unexpectedly, but then come back to you -- because we can't help ourselves. We have too strong a sense of commitment to stay away.

    But if you show us that you're taking our loyalty, our support, for granted, then you're little more than a turkey the day before Thanksgiving to us. We do loyalty; we don't do blind obedience. We do hard labor; we don't do slavery. There are differences there to us. And Coakley and the DNC don't seem to understand that.

    And they just paid dearly for it.

    Go ahead, put a yoke on us, work the shit out of us, and put your brand on our asses while you're at it. But when our jobs are done for the day, you better damn well show us that you appreciated what we did for you...

  2. Maybe it was the DLC that didn't understand.


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