Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Somebody died

Teh Google News informs me that some nanny who played herself on the drama "Survivor" has died of breast cancer.

Must be news because dying of breath cancer is so rare. Except... according to the American Cancer Society, on average roughly 83 women in the United States die every day of breast cancer. Oh dear, it can't be that we have a double standard here in Amurka, where if it happens to a "celebrity" it's news, but otherwise... not news. Only a sick nation with messed-up priorities could value one human being more than 82 other human beings based solely upon one of them spending a few minutes on a television screen years ago (and doing nothing since), so clearly today was one of those rare days when only ONE woman died of breast cancer. Right? Right?!

-- Badtux the Snarky Penguin


  1. Well, today's women are crazy and hard to get along with anyway so there is no point in my missing them, famous or not.

  2. BCC - when have women NOT been crazy and hard to get along with. Soon as I get a tune-up on my time machine, that's my destination.

    Besides - it's a slow time for news. The efforts of almost a year in the House and Senate got flushed by one special election. This may doom 44,000 people per year (doom as in dead) because they won't have access to health care. But they will die one at a time and not be famous (or rich, anyway) - so WTF.

  3. Tux,

    Happy Penguin Awareness Day

  4. Damn, a day late and a dollar short but I didn't forget ya.

  5. i thought of you on penguin awareness day

    and didnt you know once you went on survivor you get a talk show too!

  6. Well, and sorry to get back on topic, but this gal had a double mastectomy, followed by chemo, and died at age 37. I think that might make her case a bit of an outlier.

    Still, it's only her celebrity status that got the story onto the news.

    RIP, whoever she was. I never watched the show.



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