Tuesday, January 26, 2010

In the house

How the hell can that huge voice come out of that runty little squirt? This is The Animals in 1964 or so, covering their arrangement of "House of the Rising Sun" live. Eric Burden was placed on this Earth to sing this song, and this is such a great arrangement, it's the one that went ear-wig on me and the one I use when I cover the song. Too bad he hasn't seen a penny from the publishing of this arrangement because assholes ripped him off...

-- Badtux the Music Penguin


  1. Didn't he become a music "producer"
    later on in life? As in one of the "assholes that rip people off"?
    Got his money back in spades I'd figure.

  2. Nope, Eric Burdon never become a producer. And producers aren't one of the "assholes that rip people off", they're the "assholes that make all music sound alike" (well, them with help from the mixers, the guys who compress the life out of every piece of music as part of the "loudness wars"). You're thinking of *managers* and *labels* if you're thinking about "assholes that rip people off". See: Leonard Cohen's recent tour and live album, which happened because his manager stole all his retirement money.

    - Badtux the Industry Penguin

  3. That voice is unmistakable and back in 1964 that arrangement was damn distinctive AM radio. Still gives me chills to hear it.

    A few years later, The Animals' "We Gotta Get Out of this Place" became the national anthem of most Americans in Vietnam. There wasn't a bar band in-country that didn't perform it. Doubt if Eric got much royalty from those performances either.

  4. He's still out there touring. I saw him 4 or 5 yrs ago and not too long ago saw an ad where he's playing the casino circuits. I liked some of the stuff he did with War too.

  5. He was in my hometown January 23. I didn't find out until that day and couldn't get in; but, I tried. Maybe there will be a next time. Thanks for that, Badtux. Great memories back when men had hair.


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