Friday, December 19, 2008

What did our Founding Fathers have against bears?

Look at that American Black Bear above. Notice his arms. He needs his arms. Bears use their arms to roll over logs to look for good things to eat underneath, and use their arms to scoop up those good things to eat and bring them closer to where their muzzle can snarf them down. They use their arms for climbing and for lots of other things. So why did our founding fathers write into our Constitution that we the people have the right to bear arms?

A more serious post on the same general topic later today ;-).

-- Badtux the Silly Penguin


  1. Tee hee hee !

  2. I believe it was Robin Williams who said, "You've got the right to bear arms or the right to arm bears, whatever the fuck you wanna do!"

  3. Yes that's silly!

    Just wear a sleeveless shirt if'n you want bare arms.


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