Friday, December 12, 2008

The party of Hoover strikes again

Hundreds of billions of dollars given to banks and finance companies with no strings attached. But when it comes to working people... not a dime.

Even Ford, Toyota, and Honda want GM and Chrysler bailed out. Ford, Toyota, and Honda don't need bailing out -- they have dough, they have cars that are selling, they have government support in their home country (for Toyota and Honda) or they're family-owned and thus have been taking the long view for a while now (for Ford) -- but if GM and Chrysler go, that takes out the entire supplier network needed by Ford, Toyota, and Honda. If they can't buy seats, seat belts, airbags, and other such necessities for their cars because the suppliers have liquidated (few suppliers are big enough for Chapter 11 to make sense), they can't make cars.

But hey, let's bash working men and women. Like those UAW workers who make $14 an hour (for new hires) to $34 an hour (for people with 20 years) or roughly the same as at the Honda and Toyota plants. Because the Party of Hoover knows what the real problem is. The real problem isn't a credit crunch and economic problems that has led to people not being able to buy cars regardless of who makes them (Toyota and Honda's sales are down even more than Ford's). No, the problem is people earning an honest day's wage.

And so the Party of Hoover once again sends four million people to the breadlines and leads us into a new Great Depression... and of course Harry Reid didn't have the balls to make them actually filibuster. Nosiree. Why, that might have been RUDE or somethin'...

-- Badtux the Disgusted Penguin


  1. Crush the unions and the Southern state labour force will take what wages Massa feels are appropriate. Crush the union and you can swagger as Mistress places the diaper on you. Crush the union and Southern states will court your biz.


  2. Maybe the American boobwazee will finally realize that Demo's are not the working folks friend. Pelosi and reid are a disgrace.

  3. That last part, about Reid once again wimping out to the Repukes AGAIN over filibusters, is pathetic.

    IIRC, he made them go through the motions just once this year of actually getting up and doing stem-winders in support of the F-bomb. All for show by Reid, with no balls to continuously show the American public how the Repigs are standing in the way of progress by droning on to block votes. Every other time, all McConnell has to do is say the WORD "filibuster" and it's as good as done. If there was just ONE dirty goddam Republican left in the Senate, and it whimpered "I'm gonna filibuster," would Reid say "We must not vote on this piece of legislation, then, because to do so would violate the spirit of bipartisanship."?

    My question, as always, is "WHY?" Is it because Reid has a wussy personality? I don't think it's that simple. If he was personally timid but the will of the Democrap Party was strong, the party would force him to push it. So why does the party put up with this?

    Is it because they don't feel strongly enough about individual bills? I don't think it's that simple either. I think there is broad agreement between the two fake opponents in the Power Structure. They ALL feel like Republicans, with a few exceptions like Feingold. Rich people think alike. Witness Feinstein. Repigs under the skin.

    But the opposite sides of the same coin keep the pretence of "us vs. them" going to fool the sheeple. The 'Pubes can tell their knuckle-dragging cultists "See, we're fighting hard to stop those socialists" and the pretend-Dems can tell the rest of us "You MUST keep voting for us so we can fight those evil Republicans."


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