Monday, December 08, 2008

Some days you just can't make this shit up

If I'd written this into one of my novels, critics would have jumped all over me for lack of realism:

Immigration & Customs Enforcement official arrested for hiring illegal aliens to clean her house.

Wow. So this lady, Lorraine Henderson, was in charge of keeping illegal aliens out of America. Except the ones she wanted in America because she needed a cheap housekeeper, apparently. And don't say that she didn't know that her housecleaner was an illegal alien, because she's on tape threatening her housekeeper with deportation if she doesn't do a good job of cleaning the house... color me suprised. Well, not so much. Corrupt Bush Administration official? Dude! That's like saying "macaroni and cheese"... you'd be surprised if you didn't find the word "corrupt" near the words "Bush Administration official"!

-- Badtux the Not-surprised Penguin


  1. The Mac and Cheese analogy?
    Genius, sheer genius!

  2. Laws are for the little people.


  3. you'd be surprised if you didn't find the word "corrupt" near the words "Bush Administration official"!

    Greed is everywhere, not just there. I'm sure that some democrats do the same, just haven't gotten caught yet.

  4. I've said it before, and I'm sure I'll say it again, but thanks for unearthing little nuggests like this, Tux. I don't read EVERYTHING in the world, so me and Mrs. Bukko are immensely amused when a blogger like you brings stuff like this to our attention.

  5. Holy crap this is funny, ty to the Penguin and all the cats that own him, especially The Mighy Fang.

  6. BBC,
    Really? There's a website detailing the Rs with sex offenses. Over 300 at last count. On the Ds--Bill Clinton, who didn't have to pay. Hmm.



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