Saturday, December 27, 2008

Republicans tell us the real reason...

So why is unemployment at 7%? The Party of Hoover has the answer: people are being lazy and don't feel like working.

This penguin is speechless.

-- Badtux the Depression Penguin


  1. I clicked through to the NYT blog post, tried to comprehend the sophistry of Mulligan's arguments, and gave up. But I liked the comments! Most people were ripping him a new arsehole.

    The question is, why does the New York Times keep giving a soapbox to people like him, Ben Stein, Wiliam Kristol, etc? It's one thing to have diverse opinions, but to allow your newsprint and bandwidth to be used by people who are WRONG about EVERYTHING? It's not like it's going to win the Times any friends with conservative fuckwits who believe that shite, because they hate the Times to begin with. And it keeps people with sensible conservative viewpoints -- there must be some, somewhere -- out of the space.

    Ah well -- the unemployment problem is swallowing up more journalists. I read that Newsweek is going down. Detroit newspapers not going to do home delivery on most days of the week. I hope the NYT will put some of the conservative sophists first in the firing line.

  2. Hey, I just LOVE making a whole $355 a week when I'm used to making that in two days. I LOVE trying to survive on 60% less; work be damned!



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