Friday, December 12, 2008

Boston Pee Party II

For some reason I missed the outcome of the cops threatening to kill a young girl for the crime of possessing batteries, some LED's, and a clay star. But Boing Boing didn't. The story.

American "justice". Yessiree.

-- Badtux the "American 'justice' = Velveeta 'cheese' " Penguin


  1. I seen that story several months ago on slashdot. Did the cops overreact? Yes.

    However, what she did was rather bone headed on her part. Consider the fact most people can't tell the difference between a bomb and a cartoon character flipping them off. What did she think was going to happen when she walked into an airport with homemade electronics strapped to her?

  2. Something like, "wow, blinking lights! Cool!"?

    Specifically *because* the Boston PD looked like idiots when they considered a buncha LED's attached to a battery as a bomb the first time, you'd think they'd know better the second time.

    BTW, good job blaming the victim. I bet you say rape victims were "asking for it" too. The fact that in this case the thugs and goons had badges doesn't make this poor girl any less the victim of assault.

    - Badtux the "Let's blame the victim!" Penguin

  3. If you want to see it as "blaming the victim", that's your prerogative. Both sides are to blame here. We're in agreement about Boston PD's role; completely excessive.

    As for her, she could have exercised some level of common sense in light Aqua Teen Hunger Force promotion and that she was going to an airport where the policy is that even joking about having a gun can get you in hot water (most airports I've been in have signs to that effect - even prior to 9/11).

    - Terrant the "what happened to common sense?" dissenter


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