Thursday, December 11, 2008

And on the previous thought...

The Fort Dix Trial is wrapping up. This is where four goofballs are accused of threatening to blow up Fort Dix, despite having no explosives, no weapons (unless you call a paintball gun a weapon -- ooh, beware the Paint of Mass Destruction!), no weapons training, nothing, nada. Just a lot of machismo no different from what you see from ghetto punks boasting about they're gonna pop a cap in some copper's back. There'd be a whole helluva lot of dead cops if boasting was deadly, and a whole lot of folks in jail if boasting was jail-worthy... but oh, I forget. Those boasting gangsta rappas ain't MUSLIM, so that means it's okay. Alrighty, then!

-- Badtux the Snarky Penguin


  1. Whatever, it's just a bunch of monkeys fucking around.

  2. But the plotzing of Muslims is more frightening because they're so powerful!!!! and everything. When a Muslim says "Boo!" a tighty-whitey Christian darkens his/her undies.

    I wonder whether righties realise how much they're admitting their own weakness when they screech their hysterical fear of Islam? They make a silly sky-being worship society, which is so backwards that it can't create a single First-World nation in any of the countries it controls, into this world-threatening monster. What a bunch of pussies! (No offence meant to actual vaginas.)

    I don't think the Romans were quivering in their togas when they thought about barbarians, at least not until the dying days of the Empire, when they were weak, lazy and decadent. And those characteristics, not strength or bravery, is what trembling reich-wingers are all about.

    P.S. Is BBC an actual human, or an artificial (half)intelligence 'bot that's programmed to use the word "monkey" a lot?

  3. blogwhoring alert

    december 17th, jeopardy, watch your humble correspondent in a battle of wits.

    (my post code is ackdiong which is the sound of a successful use of a bar spittoon)


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