Monday, December 15, 2008

Can't add anything to that

Fuck you, Congress. Just fuck you.

-- Badtux the Out-ranted Penguin


  1. Congress is a bad car----toon!

  2. Did you ever stop to think that just as Detroit was a model for what America was becoming during the auto-era industrialisation of the early 20th Century, its decline in the early 21st shows what America will become as the century progresses?

    In the early 20th, Detroit established a paradigm that the entire developed world's economy was based upon -- heavy metal-bashing industry for personal transportation. Cars were the whole world's thing last century, and Detroit led the way. Motor City also was the base for demographic change as poor whites and blacks to escape the farm economy of the rural South and Midwest. Detroit WAS America.

    Now Detroit's falling apart. Population has been dropping for decades. Heavy metal industry dying, rife with political corruption and crime, city literally going back to weeds as abandoned houses fall apart and return to nature. The 1 1/2 daily newspapers they have there aren't even going to be delivered to houses every day.

    The city is dying. Southern Repukes might be happy that they're re-fighting the Civil War and winning. Those bastards never have liked the concept of "union," whether it's the kind where workers organise to fight back against bosses' power, or the kind that Lincoln wanted to preserve. But as they destroy one part of the whole, the redneck fuckwits will drag the rest of the country down. You don't make one part of your country poor and expect the other parts to get rich.

    (Of course, as a Southern-born penguin, maybe you're OK with that, Tux.)

    Shelby et. al. are setting off financial turmoil that will be added to the environmental turmoil from global warming. As Detroit goes, so will go the Charlotte banking industry town, the auto plant towns in the South, Phoenix, Las Vegas and other desert retirement towns... One part of America is killing off another, but the whole thing's gonna die. Look to Detroit, and see the future of your nation.


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