Saturday, December 13, 2008

Be back later...

... just got a couple of new (to me) Carl Hiaasen novels and am laughing too hard to be my normal snarkily nasty self. Bye!

-- Badtux the Literate Penguin


  1. Carl Hiaasen -- great and funny author. Which books are you reading? I thought that Striptease was one of his funniest. (I never saw the movie -- refused to -- no way it could be as good as the book).

  2. Carl Hiaasen is one of my favorite reads.

  3. Tourist Season and Strip Tease, for those who are curious. But thus far I have not read a bad Carl Hiassen novel. According to Florida blogger Brian over at Why Now, Hiassen's novels should actually be put into the non-fiction section of the library next to all the "true crime" books, i.e., real scandals with the serial numbers filed off and the real people involved given slight disguises. Interesting theory, heh!

  4. Well, Hiaasen was a reporter in Florida before he started writing books, wasn't he?

    I got introduced to Hiaasen's writing in a humanities class at UCF, but quit reading his books (after ingesting about a dozen) several years ago because they were pretty repetitive. Isn't Tourist Season the one where the suitcase with the unusual contents washes up on Miami beach?


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