Monday, December 15, 2008

Obama calendar

So Obama wants me to send a donation to get an official Obama calendar. One question: WHY? I mean, puh-LEEZE. He's a politician, not the goddamned messiah, for cryin' out loud.

Sorry, Obamarama, I'm putting a calendar with cats up on my wall. As soon as I find a good one, one with feral or stray cats on it rather than cute kittens (sorry, this penguin does not do "cute").

- Badtux the Calendar-less Penguin


  1. Damn, We think Penguins are cute. Now we have to take back our calender to B&N! Are you Bad Tux the non cute Penguin? :)

  2. Try the New Yorker Cat Cartoon calendar...or check in with this blogger:

    and I'm sure she can point you to one that fits your criteria.

  3. not all of the pictures are of feral kitties, but the proceeds from this calendar will benefit TNR and spay/neuter programs in my area.


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