Friday, December 05, 2008

To serve and protect

Trooper Michael Galluccio of the Massachusetts State Police has performed sterling public service, protecting his state from the dastardly crimes of... pregnant women in labor. Yes, pregnant women in labor. Whose actions threaten anarchy, anarchy I say, and the collapse of civilization as we know it!

Seems Trooper Galluccio has absolutely no problem with delaying a woman who is having contractions three minutes apart from making it to the hospital because of a minor traffic infraction. Because, y'know, you got to have priorities. Pregnant lady in labor trying to get to the hospital as quickly as possible? Nope. Traffic laws? Well, geeze. What are you, some sort of anarchist, who thinks traffic laws aren't a higher priority in this situation?!

Sheesh. That uppity pregnant lady is just lucky he didn't tase her just for the fun of it!

-- Badtux the Snarky Penguin


  1. Dude, that's twisted, but hilarious.

    I had a friend who would joke was nervous about me killing his car by my water breaking. It was an old bug.

  2. She should count her blessings that the a-----le didn't taser her.

  3. That was probably the same MA state trooper who got stuck behind me in traffic on I84 in MA last Sunday. After a few minutes, he hit the blues, rolled down the shoulder to the next exit, killed the lights and went on his way.

  4. Oh noes occifer, I need to go 85 in a school zone because I'se pregnant. This ain't fat, it baby. My wife's contractions are 3seconds apart...let me use the HOV lanes...oh, she's from Latexas.

    After a few years of liars, you tend to be more than a tad skeptical. I also wonder if there isn't more to the story. Think maybe they pulled an 'Entitled to Never be Stopped by Public Employees' on the officer? Why did he ask to check on the pregnancy?

    Remember folks, only the Bush/Cheney account of events should be believed.


  5. Err, as a matter of fact, the lady *was* pregnant, and *was* in labor, and *did* give birth three hours later. These are all facts that are easily verified and which the newspaper did verify, even to showing a photograph of the lady with her newborn infant child (a couple of weeks old at the time of the photograph).

    The couple got the ticket after two other officers had given them permission to use the breakdown lane for emergency use, so they have a very good case in court. As for the third officer, well. If he can't tell the difference between fat and a lady in labor, he needs to be retired to desk duty, because his eyes obviously are no longer good enough for patrol duty. 'Nuff said there.

    - Badtux the Clear-eyed Penguin

  6. The MSP has always had its fair share of assholes, ask any resident and they probably have a story for you. That being said, please notice that the two other officers did not arrange to escort them along the breakdown lane or radio ahead to ease their way with other officers.

  7. About the taser? I guess the cop was waiting for the baby to be emerge so he wouldn't end up tasing the "innocent unborn."

    Yikes. And I thought it was bad being driven over cobblestone streets while I was in hard labor with my first kiddo.

    Badtux, I meant to mention this awhile ago - but thanks for adding me to your blogroll! And many whisker rubs to your kittehs.

  8. Badtux,
    You post on many issues and point out that we aren't getting the entire story. This one has a lot of holes and I would like more data before I pin "Massh*le of the Year" on the officer.

    I look at the responses, as told by the beaming parents, and see a different interpretation of events. One that doesn't have them riding into town on a donkey, surrounded by cherubim and seraphim.

    As we used to say, "the lockup is full of innocents-just ask them".


  9. Dude, Mold, that was beyond offensive.


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