Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Sprint sucks

While I was gone on a trip they removed my bluetooth tethering, making it impossible for me to check my email via Sprint's EVDO network. Going to their web site, they don't even offer tethering anymore.

So fuck'em. I just did the dirty deed of switching to an iPhone on AT&T Wireless. Same cost as Sprint, and much better browser and mail client. If I can't tether, I at least want a phone that has the best mobile browser and email client in the business. Given how rarely I used the Bluetooth tethering on Sprint (roughly once per month, generally while travelling or during service outages on my main Internet connection), they just cut off their nose to spite a pimple. No wonder they're going down, down, down and bleeding customers. Doing things like this to a customer in the middle of a trip is customer service in the same way a stallion services a mare -- i.e., up the rear, long and hard.

-- Badtux the F*cked Penguin

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  1. As a former customer service rep, who found it to be an act of God to be human while working for Sprint, you are correct! The service sucks because not even the techs now how to use it completely, and those that do move on. The customer service sucks because, example... I was in dire need of time off to have oral surgery done, with 200 hours available to do so. They refused to give me the time saying that I was harrassing workforce management, and each advanced oral surgeon I went to refused to sign the FMLA papers. I have yet to have this monster of a tooth removed. I quit Sprint with the 'promise' of a better job, no job, no car, no nothing now, just a huge wisdom tooth and tears. (I am anonymous as I am seeking employmentwith them. HARD TIMES.)


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