Wednesday, September 07, 2005

Where were the buses?

A New Orleans area blogger and former reporter tells us: they were carrying evacuees from the neighborhoods to the Superdome where they would be on high ground. They were doing this up until the time when the winds got so high they could no longer run. As was reported by the local media at the time. So much for one right wing talking point.

Also, the size of the OPSD school bus fleet has been vastly overestimated by the right-wing attack monkeys. See, in New Orleans, the majority of students rode city buses to school. The only children transported by OPSD school buses were those where there was not a city bus stop within 1/4th mile of their home, and elementary school and special needs students who could not be trusted to ride city buses by themselves. New Orleans had an extensive public transit system which most middle school and high school students used to get to school. It is unlikely that there was more than 450 school buses in the OPSD fleet, which was, in any event, under FEMA's control, not Mayor Nagin's.

But of course right-wing attack monkeys don't care about facts. Why do facts, when you can blame the victims?! Disgusting. Just disgusting. I have never been so angry and disgusted in my life as now, when I hear these, these, ANIMALS, attacking the victims and blaming the victims for their plight. No humanity, no compassion, no NOTHING human about them. Monkeys. Freakin' monkeys. Hoo hoo hoo hoo HOWL! (fling fling fling).

- Badtux the Disgusted Penguin

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  1. Foolish Penguin! Do you not realize that the purpose of government infrastructure is not to perform actual services? Since the time of Saint Gipper, it has been self-evident that the central purpose of those parts of government which have not yet been drowned in a bathtub is to provide jobs for one's friends, cronies, and fundraisers. To expect them to perform actual services that would benefit the citizens whose taxes find them is...well, we have a name for that, and it's called "Communism."


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