Thursday, September 08, 2005


As the right-wing spinners play "blame the victims" like a pack of baboons frantically flinging feces, all the way saying "lets' not play the blame game"...

Enough. I am sick at heart. I have not slept well for over a week. Now that my outrage has died down some, one step back says that the right wingers will succeed in convincing the majority of the American people that those who died and those who had much-needed help delayed for four days (while FEMA bureaucrats slapped themselves on their backs for a "job well done") are the ones responsible for the aweful things that happened to them. Because, you see, the majority of people want to believe that. They want to believe that their government, that they elected, is there to help and protect them, and that if it didn't happen, it's someone else's fault, maybe the fault of those savages shooting at helicopters (so far one such "savage" has been found, a drug-addled felon who was not even in New Orleans when he did it), maybe the fault of the cities states involved, but not the fault of their government, which is wise and helpful and never would do such a thing.

See, that's the easy answer. It's the answer that says, "I don't have to do anything." If it's all those OTHER people's fault, all that OTHER bunch of hairless babboons' fault, then why disturb myself and try to help them? They are now "them", other, not worthy of consideration as human beings. And thus I can wipe them out of my conciousness and not worry myself about them anymore.

In short, the response of America to the right wing noise machine is making clear that the majority of Americans *want* the government we have, which tells them comforting things and strokes their inner monkey, gives them an Other to hate, tells them soothing lies, lies that they are good people and helpful people and that they never do evil and that all is okay, lies that allow them to go back to their pathetic lives of fornicating and defecating and masticating and accumulating shiny baubles of no import feeling good about themselves, lies that they are God's people, the Chosen people, and that everybody else is... what? Just untermenschen, sub-human, that's all. No need to worry about them, no need to help them, because they're not human, really, right?

As a penguin, this does not work on me, of course. Penguins don't have monkey instincts to be massaged by the howling screeching feces-flinging monkeys of the right-wing noise machine. But that is not going to stop the rest of America from writing these people who lost everything out of their collective conciousness. After all, blaming the victim is the American way. It wasn't rape, because she really wanted it, y'know?

-- Badtux the Sickened Penguin


  1. Penguin, I think baboons eyes are being opened, left and right. I guess we'll see if it makes any difference. Probably not.

  2. I have seen many posts saying that it was the victim's responsibility, since they made the (dumb) choice to live in a below sea level place, and that there is no reason for the other Americans to pay for them. This come generally from those who call themselves real Americans, Christians… and who are in reality real ignorant assholes.

    New Orleans was built where it is because it was the best place to build a port. Its development is the proof of that good choice. With the city developping it needed more housing, and more farms, and people began to dry the wetlands around the city, thus provoking the lowering of the soil. But this was because New Orleans was an economic pole. People don't chose were they live because of the safety, they simply go where they have more opportunities offered.

    If people just lived in safe places, most of the USA would be a desert : nobody in the Mississippi valley or any valley that is easily flooded, nobody on the West Coast because of the earthquakes, nobody in a good part of the center because of tornadoes, nobody in Florida and a good part of the South because of hurricanes… And the next time an earthquake destroy some part of Japan for example, these assholes will probably say F*** the Japanese, why did they chose to live in Japan anyway ?


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