Tuesday, September 06, 2005

Those big buck negros wanna rape our chilluns!

It turns out that the Convention Center was NOT overrun by armed gangs. It turns out that a 7 year old child was NOT raped and had her throat cut. Turns out that most of the rumor and innuendo about the Superdome and Convention Center descending into savagery was just that -- rumor and innuendo, apparently intended to demonize the victims of this national disaster, who were poor and black and you know that those big buck negros just wanna rape and kill 7 year old children, right?

Similarly, there were NOT riots at the Baton Rouge shelter. And the worst threat that the National Guard faced when they approached the Convention Center was a nurse wearing an "I Love New Orleans" t-shirt, who approached them while saying "I have children who need help in here!" Nurses of mass destruction are all terrorists, I suppose, eh?

Of course, any viewer of Fox News who saw Geraldo at the Convention Center on Friday night would have already known this, as Geraldo, sans armed guards, freely roamed around the Convention Center talking to people. But hey, what's a little fact when we know, know I say, that those big buck negros are just savages who want to rape and kill our womens! Racism? In America? Gosh, who woulda thunk it!

-Badtux the Disgusted Penguin


  1. Depopulation is patriotism. It is important to get rid of the working poor and outdated infrastructure as we perfect automated workers, poor people will be a drain on society. There's no reason to save that city. Halliburton KBR will rebuild it better.

  2. I saw on CNN yesterday that Mayor Ray Nagin had ordered that survivors in the city were not to receive handouts of water or food anymore to force them out. Fifteen minutes later in a press conference Nagin said that was a rumor and not true at all.

    I'm back to wondering who to trust.


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