Friday, September 09, 2005

My diet is working

I got on the scale last night and found that I have lost 5 pounds over the past week. Which is good. Like most rotund penguins, I carry more fat around than is really good for me.

However, the diet which achieved those results -- a diet of grief, anger, sorrow, and mourning over the fate of a city (New Orleans) that I loved and the people therein, combined with heartbreak and difficulty sleeping -- is not a diet which I recommend.

- Badtux the Grieving Penguin


  1. I've been putting on weight. All I've been doing is sitting in front of this damn computer, reading these heart-breaking stories, not getting the exercise I normally would, and occasionally drinking. Like I need the weight. Or the alcohol.

    If this keeps up, they may have to bury me in a small piano case...

  2. Medicate with chocolate. M&Ms are wonderful candy-coated pills. Mix with Penguinmints, and I can stay up 24/7 overwhelmed in my chocolate haze.


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