Wednesday, September 07, 2005

The violence at the convention center

Apparently consisted of a woman leading the crowd in reciting the 23rd Psalm. At least, that is all that a reporter reported that he saw with his own two eyes. But hey, that's not exciting, so let's report all these rumors as if they're fact, it's not like our viewers would know the difference, right?

That is all.

- Badtux the Snarky Penguin


  1. My husband and I were both thinking this:

    If there were groups of marauding criminals,armed,shooting at people,etc,then why is there no film footage or still photos of such things?I haven't seen any,has anyone else?

    The media became the"first responders"in this,they were there LONG before official help arrived.There would have been ample time to find and record that kind of violence.All I saw was people Trying to Survive.

    What I saw mostly were traumatized and heartbroken human beings,and yes some were pissed,who could blame them?Expecting people to be happy and kind to a fault while they're hungry,scared,dehydrated,devastatedor sick is kind of stupid,yes?

    I can't handle what the neoconservative movement has done to my country sometimes,it makes me sick,even physically.Damn them.

  2. The "violence" angle is a ruse to deflect blame away from the horrific job the government (specifically the administration and FEMA) did at disaster recovery. And the coverup has already begun; they're barring reporters from being able to take pictures of the devastation in New Orleans. The fact that this is not a foreign war zone, but American soil, and they have no legal or constitutional right to bar people from taking pictures, is irrelevant to them. Their main concern is to cover their asses, and they will do so at all costs.

  3. Go to and google for 'Charmaine Neville'. There WERE armed groups of thugs who raped and brutalized people -- but they weren't anywhere near the convention center and Superdome. They were out in the flooded parts of the city where there was no police presence.


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