Friday, September 09, 2005

FEMA to evacuees: "Go Cheney Yourself"

It has now been reported on WWL Radio New Orleans and other evacuees that FEMA is not going to give emergency help to the hundreds of thousands who have been made homeless by the hurricane. Instead, they're going to issue paper checks -- by mail -- to the permenant mailing addresses of the evacuees. Which, given that said addresses happen to be underwater, is going to do them a whole lot of good, right?

Yet another example of how the Bush Administration is, as Rep. Nancy Pelosi put it, "Oblivious. In denial. Dangerous.".

- Badtux the Disgusted Penguin


  1. Um. Actually, FEMA will not be mailing checks to New Orleans addresses. They will be doing direct deposit into checking and savings accounts, which people do still have access to in this electronic day and age.

  2. I was listening to WWL-AM (New Orleans) and a woman who is currently living in her car in Baton Rouge because every shelter, every apartment, every hotel is full called in and asked what could she do, FEMA was telling her she wasn't eligible for aid because she had no permenant mailing address because she was living on the street. There are ways around that. Many charities and relief organizations will allow themselves to be used by the homeless as the "permenant mailing address" for federal relief purposes. But the point was that this was yet another way that FEMA was refusing to acknowledge reality -- that these people have no homes, that they have no permenant address until they have money to use to find one, and if they can't get money to use to find one, uhm...


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