Tuesday, April 19, 2005

Welcome, Pope Panzerfaust I !!

Well, the Catholic Church, apparently wanting to go back to its glory days hob-nobbing with fascists, has now elected "The Panzer Cardinal" as Pope. Cardinal Joseph Ratzinger was elected pope by the cardinals in Rome yesterday. Apparently the fact that he was the only cardinal who showed up with his own Panzer division swayed them to vote for him. Well, that, and because as head of the Holy Inquisition, the Vatican's own secret police, he knew which cardinal's mistresses had borne children and which cardinals were banging which alter boys...

So here's a warm welcome for "God's Rottweiler", who almost certainly will NOT use the Comfy Chair as part of his efforts to clear the Catholic Church of dissent -- soft cushions or no. Pope Benedict XVI, like his famous namesake, is truly a man for the new century -- the 14th Century.

- Badtux the Catholic Penguin


  1. Exceptional research links. Thank you.

  2. Just one minor point --

    The "God's Rottweiler" link leads to the site of Ian Paisley, the Protestant extremist who is basically the spiritual leader of the paramilitaries in Northern Ireland. He hates Ratzinger because he's a Protestant and Ratzinger is Catholic, not because of how bad Ratzinger is. In fact, Paisley is, AT BEST, a Protestant counterpart of Ratzinger.

    I'm no fan of the new Pope Benedict, and from what I hear, he is a real piece of work. But I sure as hell wouldn't take Ian Paisley's word for it, and I would not use him in a legitimate argument about how bad Joseph Ratzinger is.

  3. Hmm, that's not what I was supposed to be linking to there, what I was linking to was a copy of the Times of London article, I must have had the wrong link in my clipboard and not seen it. Oh well. And BTW, that may be Paisley's site, but that's not Paisley's commentary, like many right-wing nutball sites (Free Republic, anybody?) Paisley's site feels free to grab any articles they feel like grabbing and toss them online. Now that I read the article again, it's an interesting read, albeit I'd not suggest taking it too seriously -- a lot of speculation, very few facts.

  4. Pope Panzerfaust I, eh? I wonder who thought that up.


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