Tuesday, April 05, 2005

Mild mannered biologist goes Hannibal Lector

Faced with the prospect of a rabid creationist cretin speaking against evolution on his college campus, mild-mannered biologist Pharyngula fights against the desire to pummel the moron with Biology textbooks. Says he: Jeez, but I'm feeling cranky. Nelson picked a bad week to stroll into my back yard—I'm thinking I better wear a muzzle to this talk. Maybe I can get a few students to strap me to a frame and wheel me in ala Hannibal Lector.

This penguin wants to see that spectacle! The NERVE of those Creationists, believing that God created Man in His image and thus evolution is wrong. Tuxology, as usual, has the answer. It's clear, given that penguins are God's perfect creature, that God created *PENGUINS* in His image, and that Man evolved (or rather, devolved) from penguins! Man, I wish I had time to waddle up there to UMM to flagellate that Bible-thumping cretin with limp herring until he cries for mercy... this guy is DEFINITELY headed for Hell (Arizona) to be flagellated with limp herring by the Penguin Inquisition as soon as we finish installing a Tuxologist theocracy in America, as is only our due!

- Badtux the Tuxologist Penguin

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