Saturday, April 02, 2005

Pardon our renovations...

still trying to get rid of all the pea green in favor of penguin colors (black, white, and orange). My next experiment will be trying to get the pea-green links re-drawn in dark and light orange (for unvisited and visited links). At least I got rid of the annoying pea-green background and the strange box that floated in mid-air!

Afterward: Hmm, the green HTML links do seem to match my mohawk quite well! So I'm going to leave them green. Woohoo, no more stylesheet hacking for me!

Afterward 2: I have now added a NAQ (Never Asked Questions) link to the right. If you want to know Tuxology's opinion of evolution, whether Bubba the Southern Penguin is related to South Knox Bubba (he isn't), or what exactly left-wing Libertarianism consists of, that's the place to start.

- Badtux the HTML Penguin


  1. Looks good.

  2. This looks much better. Before, I kept getting seasick...


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