Monday, April 04, 2005

Blogger barfs again :-(

Now they're not posting comments. This sucks. I'm considering picking up stakes and moving over to LiveJournal, which at least stays up most of the time. Sigh...

Update: Blogger is back. But man, what a bummer. The biggest bummer is that Google refuses to publish any kind of explanation or notice of what's going on with Blogger. It appears that Google's notion of "service" is what a stallion does to a mare. And then the Google recruiters wonder why I just laugh when they call me and ask me if I'd like to work for Google?! Maybe before their IPO... but it looks to me that Google is now a place where you go when you want to work for a successful company, rather than being the kind of company you join when you want to make a company successful. I'm the latter type of person, which is why I'm hacking operating systems in an undisclosed location for a company that might be the Next Big Thing if I and my co-workers execute on what we're doing, rather than going to work for some company like Google that's already successful.

- Badtux the Snarked Penguin

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