Wednesday, April 13, 2005

The Pope is Going to Hell

At least, according to Hilltop Baptist Church, in Newport, Tennessee.

Guess the pastor there must hear voices in his head or somethin', or maybe just has something against them statue-worshippin' Catholics. Oh well, since I'm a hell-bound penguin I'll be happy to have the Pope as my buddy down there...

- Badtux the Holy Penguin


  1. If Catholic's actually read a Bible (not a modified version) they would realize that the Pope has made an idol of himself and is worshiped like a God. The Bibile clearly states people like this will not enter heaven.

  2. That is the most ignorant, bigoted religious statement that I've ever heard, and a perfect example of why tighty righties are rightly laughed at by snarky penguins. I've never heard of any Catholics worshipping the Pope. Indeed, the Pope probably gets less respect amongst Catholics than George W. Bush gets amongst tighty righties.

    - Badtux the Sometimes-Catholic Penguin
    (when I'm not a Tuxologist or a Quaker!)


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