Wednesday, April 06, 2005

Carter left off list for Pope funeral

Can you think of anything so petty as telling a former President, "Sorry, but I'd rather take my wife and my other wife than you"?

Apparently that's what Bush did -- told Carter the delegation was full because he had to take his wife and his Sally Hemmings in preference to Carter. Jimmy, to his credit, decided not to make an issue of it and apparently allowed the Bush Administration to put out that he withdrew his request upon hearing that the delegation was filled. That still does not excuse the fact that Bush apparently prefers to bring his black mistress to the Pope's funeral rather than a former President who belongs there.

- Badtux the "These Busheviks have no shame, I guess" Penguin

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  1. And the first president to meet with John Paul II when JPII became Pope, too.

    Liberal Marine's Progressive Perspective has a very good posting in this today.


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