Monday, April 04, 2005

The Snarky Penguin's Inner Hiker

Courtesy of the South Park character generator toy (note: Must have Flash to see), here is the Snarky Penguin's inner hiker kitted for the trail, in half-snark mode:

The only 'wrong' note is that my boonie hat is more grey than brown, and my shirt is more an olive color than the dark brown shown. Oh well. Note: Montrail's new 'wide' sized hiking boots fit webbed feet like a glove! Finally, I can hike for days without blisters!

- Badtux the Hikin' Penguin


  1. Always wear wool socks in your hikers. Cotton develops ridges. Also, wool retains 70% of its insulating properties even when wet.

  2. The shirt may not match your actual gear; but, isn't brown more appropriate for the coming days?

  3. I actually wear two layers of socks. The inner layer is a very thin polypro (typically CoolMax). The outer layer depends upon the outside temperature. In warmer weather it will be a thicker CoolMax polypro/nylon blend. In cool weather it will be wool.

    I wouldn't wear cotton socks in hiking boots if you paid me to, because they not only develop ridges, but they cause excessive wear to the insoles and to my feet due to their abrasive nature when they become wet.

    As for the brown shirt, good catch :-).


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