Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Yet more dumbasses

By that, I mean the Republican "debate" between Robot Dwarf, Frothy Dwarf, Grumpy Dwarf, and Goldy Dwarf. So let's see what we got:

  1. Robot Dwarf says that GM and Chrysler should have been forced to go through bankruptcy to shed them of their union contracts. Err... except they were forced to go through bankruptcy, and their union contracts were shredded. In this universe, anyhow. Clearly Robot Dwarf lost that data when it had to be re-installed from scratch with the latest Romney 2012R2 software release for this debate. Note that the "charisma" subroutine still clearly has not been implemented in The Romney's software...
  2. Grumpy Dwarf says that Obama eats babies for dinner, wants to rape your women, and spends all his time lounging around on the front porch of the White House leering at the white women while eating watermelon.
  3. Frothy Dwarf says he stands behind all of his statements. Except that one. And that one over there. And the one over there that is no longer operative. And ...
  4. Goldy Dwarf looked like he was a shrunken, shriveled version of Professor Xavier in the wheelchair from the X-men movies. You could barely see his beady little eyes over the table in front of him. I suppose he said something, but who cares, really?
All just another day in dumbass America...

-- Badtux the Gruntled Penguin

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