Wednesday, February 29, 2012


I got my income tax refunds back today. Why does it feel so good to get back my own money? The money went straight to savings of course, to replenish the sum that went into the IRA at the end of last year.

Meanwhile, I dabbed The Mighty Fang's face with vanilla extract. No idea yet whether it's going to make any difference, but at least it makes him smell better :). He didn't seem to mind me putting some extract on a cotton swab and dabbing him with it, because he seemed to think it smelled like food. What a chow-hound.

-- Badtux the Cat-owned Penguin


  1. Why into savings ? Would not the mattress be safer. The interest is the same...

  2. I am a member of a credit union. I do get interest, much better than at a bank, and burglars can't steal it from under a mattress at the credit union. The core goal is to have sufficient cash on hand to buy a house once housing prices hit bottom. We'll see.

  3. What happened to TMF? Vanilla extract?

  4. TMF's been acting weird around Mencken ever since TMF got a whiff of a neighborhood intact tom, howling at him as if Mencken is some stray intact tomcat. Well, except at meal time. At meal time both run to the food bowl and start chowing down, howling be damned ;).

    So anyhow the notion was to make both cats smell like each other (i.e., vanilla), so that TMF wouldn't view Mencken as an intruder tomcat in his territory. Didn't work, BTW.

    1. Yep, their noses work much better than ours are. I am certainly no pet expert as I haven't had pets since I was a kid, but I wonder if there is a female cat in heat nearby in addition to a spraying tom?

  5. I haven't given them any money for at least ten years. Got some back though, thank you for your contribution. :-)


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