Thursday, February 02, 2012

It wasn't about a Congressional investigation

The Susan G. Komen Race for the Cure didn't quit donating money to Planned Parenthood because they're being investigated by Congress. They quit donating money to Planned Parenthood for the same reason they quit supporting stem cell research -- because they've been taken over by right-wing zealots such as Karen Handel, former campaign adviser to Sarah Palin and former GOP candidate for governor of Georgia.

Apparently the only cure you're going to support if you donate money to this organization from now onwards are going to be faith-based cures -- I guess they're going to work on developing better prayers for praying the cancer out, sorta like praying the gay away. So if you're looking for an organization that supports real, evidence-based approaches to diagnosis and treatment of breast cancer, I'd suggest looking elsewhere.

-- Badtux the RWNJ-spottin' Penguin

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    Sort of like this IDIOT:,0,4701669.story


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