Tuesday, February 14, 2012

The TSA Follies

So, fresh from their victories over the cupcakes of mass destruction, deadly hair weaves, and colostomy bags of terror, the TSA has a new target: Girls. Seems that of the passengers that are "randomly selected" to go through the "porno scanners", a disproportionate number are women. Usually *attractive* women. Because, y'see, the porno scanner operators are mostly male.

But you can refuse to go through the scanner and opt for a pat-down instead. Of course, given the bull dykes that the TSA hires to do the patdowns of female passengers, I'm not sure whether, if I was a straight woman, I'd find that any more acceptable...

Is it any wonder that over 500 Americans per year die because they drove long tiresome distances rather than subject themselves to this indignity?Congratulations, TSA -- you've killed more Americans over the past six years than the 9/11 attackers did, all without capturing -- or even *detecting* -- a single terrorist. Way to go, gang! (And I do mean "gang", since you TSA gang-bangers have killed more Americans than the Crips and Bloods combined, and have just as distinctive a uniform).

-- Badtux the Sovok Penguin


  1. I am kind of offended at your suggestion that women might have problems with TSA officers who are lesbians. Or it is just masculine lesbians who are to be feared? I am a heterosexual woman and while I don't ever want a pat down, the sexual orientation or appearance of the officer assigned to that duty is irrelevant.

    There are many problems with the TSA to be sure but in my experience the vast majority of TSA officers are polite and professional and generally are just doing their jobs. Jobs they took on so they could do evil things like feed their families during a recession. I suppose there are those in such positions who get on power trips and abuse their authority and I have no tolerance for such things, but when I think of the problems with the TSA, it isn't the TSA workers I have issues with, it is the TSA itself and their policies.

    I actually feel sorry for most TSA workers because they get subjected to abuse they don't deserve at the hands of people who really are angry with the TSA policies.

  2. My speculation was that women do not want people who view them as sexual objects patting them down, regardless of the gender of the person patting them down. If you are offended by that speculation, well (shrug). I clearly do not have personal experience with being a woman, so anything I say in that regard is speculation.

    - Badtux the Sex Object Penguin
    (Well, if rotund flightless waterfowl are sex objects ;).

  3. I don't know a single person who asks TSA officers their sexual orientation before a pat down just like I don't know a single person who asks what the sexual orientation is of others in the locker room. In fact, I would consider such a question to be highly inappropriate. There isn't any other way to know.

    Do you really think that the sexual orientation and/or appearance of TSA workers matters?

  4. Well, let's just say I would be a bit uncomfortable if a stereotypically swishy gay dude was fondling my junk at the TSA checkpoint. It'd be as uncomfortable as a woman doing so.

    - Badtux the Modest Penguin

  5. I can appreciate that. Being touched is very personal.

    This is a sensitive issue for me because I have some friends who face some very real employment discrimination because of customers who don't feel comfortable with them for various reasons: sexual orientation, weight, religion, race, etc. (I might add too that one of them is a very effeminate heterosexual man so I know you can't judge a person's sexuality by their appearance)

  6. (Well, if rotund flightless waterfowl are sex objects ;).

    Perhaps to other rotund flightless waterfowl.

    Unlike Shakers, they do procreate.



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