Sunday, February 26, 2012


Bonus music. There was some piano on it, but I decided it didn't add anything to the guitar and Irish whistle and took it off. I experimented with drums (synth drums, not real ones, not interested in being evicted!) also and came to similar conclusion.

This was done with Presonus Studio One on my Macbook Pro, with a Presonus Firebox interface, Squier Duo-Sonic guitar thru a Roland Microcube set to 'Brit Combo' with reverb turned to max, and a Waltons "C" Irish whistle. The vocals and whistle are thru an Audix OM2 microphone hooked to the Firebox thru a Behringer Xenyx1202FX mixer because otherwise I can't get sufficient volume out of a dynamic mike hooked direct to the Firebox.

There's a couple of minor glitches in the guitar and a couple of minor glitches in the whistle but you have to be paying close attention to notice them so I'm reasonably pleased. I could have done a bit of editing work in the Presonus editor and maybe a few toots and notes to do fill-ins at the glitchy spots and cleared that up but frankly don't care enough, it's not as if I make my living doing music after all.

Why Presonus Studio One: Of all the DAW software I've tried, it's the one with the most reasonable workflow. I've owned Logic for years, but I fired up Logic the other day after having not used it for a year or so and could not make head nor tails of it despite once knowing how to use it. If Apple had any sense they'd fire the entire Logic software development team, purchase Presonus, and re-brand Studio One as an Apple product... it's the most Apple-ish of the DAW software that I've used, as vs. Logic which makes sense only if you're a German techno geek (which describes the German team that wrote it).

-- Badtux the Musician Penguin

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