Monday, February 27, 2012

Turned off that @%!# comment verification

Spammers are revving their engines as we speak. SIIIiiiiigh!

- Badtux the Damned To Spam Hell Penguin


  1. You're hosed. Just turn it back on and we'll live with it.

  2. Been a bit over a day for me and nothing yet but it's coming.

  3. Thanks. The new CAPTCHA just shows how much Google hates old people with marginal vision... so much for "don't be evil."

  4. I've never used comment verification and get so little spam that it's no big deal. I just delete or mock it. And I seldom comment on blogs that require it.

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  7. Heh, yeah, Tom, that's a typical spam I get. Of course your blog has been linked here forever ;).

    Nangleator, I'm surprised that one made it past Google's spam filter!

    BBC, nobody wants to read the blog of a cranky bitter old man with nothing to say, not even spammers.

    Steve, Google's new corporate slogan is "Be Evil". For another example, see Google Plus, which I'm not allowed to join because I'm a penguin, and which people in tyrannical countries aren't allowed to join in order to help organize resistance to tyranny in their countries because people logging in via anonymizing proxy servers aren't allowed to create Google accounts.

    Karen, so far so good. Dunno where the spammers went, maybe they went to more popular blogs that also turned off the keyword verification at the same time...

    - Badtux the Spammy Penguin


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