Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Tripping Jesus

San Francisco jam band The Brian Jonestown Massacre, "Jesus", off their 1996 album Their Satanic Majesties' Second Request. I understand it sounds a bit more interesting if you have some, err, herbal, remedy...

-- Badtux the Music Penguin


  1. I understand it sounds a bit more interesting if you have some, err, herbal, remedy...

    I'll have to try that. Unfortunately, I'm at work now. 0249, in the middle of my three-hour break. Gotta love the psych ward! Midnight shifts are a grueling endurance challenge for someone like me who doesn't sleep the way the other nurses do (it just seems WRONG to sleep at work, even when someone else is covering the ward.) But at least I have a chance to dink around on the 'puter while the hourly pay and shift differential rolls along. And listen to music, as long as I keep it down.

    I never had any interest in Brian Jonestown -- I even owned one of their CDs that I picked up from a cutout bin at Amoeba or someplace. Bought it for the band's name. I remember it as being abrasive screech-punk. I left it behind when I winnowed the music collection before decamping Down Under. This cut wasn't bad. Neo-psychedelic. When I'm combing through the odds 'n' sods at the music stores, I'll look for BJM. Except we might move back to Australia, so I can't go overboard with music collecting the way I once did.

  2. Bukko, one reason why I've pretty much gone all-digital (I haven't bought a new CD in ages) is because of the portability issue. Hauling several boxes of digital media around simply isn't compatible with a nomadic lifestyle, and while I am not currently nomadic, the way things are going I eventually will be. Tools have utility, and can be used to make money. Plastic discs do not, other than esthetic utility, which is just as feasible with an iDevice loaded with the contents of said plastic discs.

    - Badtux the Once (and future?) Nomadic Penguin


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